Name: Ronnie Kilgo

Occupation: Business owner

Party: Republican


Talk about how coronavirus considerations will, or will not, affect the way you carry out the agency's three main functions: jail operations, warrant service and court security.

The next sheriff will face significant challenges. We must learn from this pandemic and plan for the future. Jails are like nursing homes, cruise ships and prisons where a large number of people are housed 24/7 in a small amount of space. Some jails have waived fees on personal hygiene supplies in an effort to make the jail a cleaner place. We will provide the inmates free personal hygiene supplies. They only receive two small pouches of soap weekly to wash their hands, shower, and shave.

Most jails have called to release inmates early due to COVID-19. Floyd County was operating at 90% capacity in January and is now running at 60% capacity. Some inmates are being released in other parts of the country by the courts on their own recognizance. I think one of the most useful and cost effective things we could do is to issue citations for petty misdemeanor crimes instead of making an arrest. If they do not appear in court then the judge can issue a warrant for their arrest. We must protect our employees and the public. We will work closely with the Superior Court judges and other department heads at the courthouse.

What are your qualifications to be sheriff of Floyd County?

I am the most well-rounded candidate that is running for sheriff of Floyd County. I have the experience, the dedication, the skill set and the disciplines to be the kind of leader we all need. I was born and raised in Floyd County. This is where my wife of 25 years, Kathy Ray, and I raised two sons, Jamie and Jonathan. Serving in law enforcement for 18 years and owning a business for 29 years has given me the right kind of experience. A large percentage of being sheriff is understanding and knowing how to budget the finances and manage the 179 employees I would be responsible for. The budget is $10.5 million per year and you need to know more than how to be a law enforcement officer. Leading with experience and making necessary changes will be what I bring to the role of sheriff.

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