Armuchee's Alex Wright

Armuchee’s Alex Wright has made his mark early this season, as the running back has been key in the Indians’ 3-0 start.

Armuchee’s Alex Wright is the kind of high school athlete a coach wants on his team.

He’s the kind that does whatever the team needs him to do and whatever the coach asks of him, and he does it all with a positive, humble, selfless attitude.

Wright has gotten his senior football season off to a great start as the running back has rushed for 279 yards on 46 carries with five touchdowns during Armuchee’s 3-0 run early in the season, the program’s best record to open a season since 2009. Showing his willingness to do the little things that help a team win, he also serves as the snapper on the Indians’ punts and extra points where he is perfect so far in 2021.

Wright, who transferred from Rome High prior to his junior year, is a solid student at Armuchee as well as he prioritizes academics despite a busy schedule that includes working a part-time job and an additional sport as he was a part of the Indians’ soccer team last Spring.

Recently, the Rome News-Tribune caught up with Wright to talk about several different subjects, including the Indians’ success so far in the early season, his expectations for what the team can accomplish this fall, his memories as an athlete at Armuchee, the influence his coaches have had on him, the challenge of balancing athletics and academics and several other things.

Here’s what he had to say:

RN-T: How is football season going so far and what are your goals for the team as well as yourself individually in 2021?

Wright: One of our coaches, Coach (Tim) Puckett told us at the beginning of the year to shoot high. So obviously the team goal is to win the region, go to the state playoffs and all that. That’s what I’m really hoping we can do this year. Individually, I would love to have a 1,000-yard season. That’s something I’ve always wanted. But so far this season has been great. We’ve had a ton of fun, won games…just been a great experience.

RN-T: How exciting is it to be a part of Armuchee’s 3-0 start and how confident are you that this team can make 2021 a special season?

Wright: Right now we just have a winning atmosphere, a winning culture. That’s what we’re doing. No one is really thinking any different. We want to win. We’ve always wanted to win, but right now it’s like our only option.

RN-T: What’s your best memory as an athlete at Armuchee High?

Wright: I wasn’t even playing last year. I was ineligible because I transferred, but when we beat Towns County our first game of the year was great to be a part of. I was on the sideline the whole time, but it was just a great experience. How welcoming everyone was to me (when I started at Armuchee), it was like I knew I had found my new home as a school and as a football team. That’s always been my favorite memory.

RN-T: Which one of your coaches has had the biggest influence on you and what has that coach instilled in you?

Wright: My favorite coach was a baseball coach I had. His name was Coach Tejack. He just drilled into us to never quit no matter what. He was a little tough, but you could just tell he had pure passion for the game and life in general. He really drilled that into us to have that every day.

RN-T: What is it like playing in games against local rivals like the one a few weeks ago against Coosa? How much more does playing in a rivalry game add to the atmosphere and the game itself?

Wright: I had COVID during the Model scrimmage, but the Coosa game was definitely the most fun and most intense game we’ve played…that I’ve probably ever played. It just felt like there was so much on the line. They had signs in their school about beating us and all that. I just wanted it so bad. We ended up having a really intense game. I got to score twice. Our defense played amazing. It was a great game.

RN-T: Who is an athlete you admire or try to model yourself after?

Wright: Definitely Saquon Barkley. I love anything from him. Anywhere from his Penn State highlights to his time with the Giants. Every time I score I even do the same celebration he did in college because I’m just the biggest Saquon fan. I think he’s a great guy and works really hard.

RN-T: How tough is it balancing athletics and academics and how do you do it?

Wright: Just use time when I have it. Don’t waste it. It’s been something I’ve definitely had to work on this year. I’m actually going to work after this so I kind of don’t have that time in class where I can just sit on my phone or waste time. I make myself do something productive so I don’t waste it.

RN-T: What are your plans for after high school?

Wright: If it’s available, I probably would play sports in college. Otherwise, I’ll probably end up going to school. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do yet. That’s the million dollar question my parents ask me to.


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