It’s me again. Thought it would be a good time to write a column since it’s been a few weeks since my ode to the Braves. Hope everyone is enjoying the sports section, and as always if you have questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email me at the address

First, a little housekeeping. This week in my article previewing Darlington’s second-round football matchup vs. Tattnall Square Academy, there was a sentence toward the beginning that said the Tigers were the only remaining local team still playing in the postseason. That was incorrect. I apologize to Unity Christian for overlooking them as they were still alive in their bracket as they continued their impressive season.

It was simply a brain cramp that I’m not sure why I made. In fact, I had just typed in their Friday playoff game into my local schedule earlier this week. In no way was inferring that Unity Christian’s game was not important or the players and coaches for the Lions didn’t deserve coverage like the rest of the local teams. They absolutely do, and I have made already made contact with the athletic director and head football coach to talk about Unity coverage going forward.

I look forward to covering many Unity Christian athletic events in the near future and highlighting their teams’ and athletes’ accomplishments in the sport section.

With that out of the way, here are a couple other sports subjects I’ve had a thought or two about recently:

We waited on it ... now enjoy it

Unless you are living under a rock or you haven’t talked to me or seen any of my posts on social media over the last few weeks, you know that the Atlanta Braves are World Series Champions...or as I refer to it and will continue to refer to it for the rest of time, World Series Champions of the World.

It honestly still hasn’t fully sunken in yet for me that this occurrence happened. Something that many of us Braves fans doubted would ever happen. But guess what, folks? It did. Now let’s enjoy it.

It was incredible to see the celebration after the game, the team getting off the plane back in Atlanta and the championship parade and ceremony, but one thing rubbed me the wrong way a bit. That was the immediate talk of what will the Braves do in the offseason or what will the team be able to do next season to back this championship up.

That talk came from media, fans and others. Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell anyone how to be a fan or how to do their job, but with all due respect (as the great Ricky Bobby once said), who cares?

We just won the World Series for the first time in 26 years. We saw a franchise that was seemingly cursed finally deliver a title to a city and a fan base that was starved for one. And many immediately go to what’s next? Has the misery of those last 26 years of losing short of a World Series title warped your mind?

Give yourself a little time to enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen. We can worry about the offseason later. We can worry about next season next season. I mean I want the Braves to re-sign Freddie Freeman as much as anyone, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it in the weeks immediately following the Braves winning a World Series. And in the worst-case scenario (which I don’t believe will happen for the record) where the team doesn’t sign Freddie and he goes elsewhere, we can always say that he helped win the Braves a World Series.

That’s all the ranting I’ll do on the subject. Just enjoy the World Series honeymoon. Worry about worrying later.

Leaked Kirby Smart audio

Recently there was a snippet of Kirby Smart audio from inside the locker room at halftime of the Georgia-Florida game leaked on social media. It featured some pretty aggressive and explicit language in it.

There have been some come out negatively against it due to the language that was used. The first thing I’ll say on the subject is that what is said in a locker room between players and coaches is sacred. None of it should never see the light of day. If that is taken in any wrong way, you probably haven’t ever played a team sport.

Secondly, as a Georgia Tech season-ticket holder and a guy that has never cried a tear about any Georgia Bulldogs’ loss, get ready for me to zig when you thought I was going to zag. I absolutely loved it. It fired me up. And once again, that’s from a guy that fears a world where Georgia wins a college football national championship.

There are coaches that absolutely coach without using bad language. And I’m someone that tries to avoid cursing in almost any circumstance. Not saying I’m any better than anyone or anything, it’s just something I’ve never really done or wanted to do. But I’m not going to put my head in the sand and act like those words are not said in the high-pressure, high-risk, high-paying world of coaching college football.

Give Kirby a break. If that’s what he thinks he needs to do to motivate his players, then that’s what he needs to do. He is measured on wins and losses, not worrying about how his words inside the locker room may offend anyone.


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