Shorter Hawks

The Shorter track and field program will now move its meets from Barron Stadium to Darlington School. The Hawks will make the 2.5-mile journey south for the coming track and field season.

“We have decided to form a partnership with Darlington School,” Shorter Athletic Director Richard Hendricks said in a phone interview. “We like the availability they have of multiple fields and access to multiple increased media capabilities. We love their vision for higher education and having a high impact on the lives of students. We feel like that goes well with what we seek as well.”

Hendricks said Shorter is looking to form a long-term partnership with Darlington School, as the Hawks’ football program is also moving from Barron Stadium to Darlington’s Chris Hunter Stadium.

“Our biggest focus is always the student, and that’s the thing that sticks out to us as well about Darlington is what is best for the student,” Hendricks said. “We feel the conversations with Darlington and a lot of different connections we have to different people over the years, we’re just on that same plane.”

Shorter’s football and track and field programs both graced the field at Barron Stadium for many years, and Hendricks said Barron Stadium has been an incredible facility.

“Barron is a beautiful place and we were thankful we were given the opportunity to play there as long as we did,” Hendricks said. “Just sometimes in life you run across something that makes you feel like it’s the right thing. For us, the most important thing is these student athletes and what they experience in life.”

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