I am disappointed in Mayor Craig McDaniel’s reaction to the vote on a proposed new apartment building in North Rome.

This has nothing to do with being personally for or against the proposal. I don’t have a dog in that fight and won’t take sides either way. I expect the developer and real estate agents to champion the proposal, and I recognize McDaniel’s conflict of interest here. (Editor’s note: McDaniel abstained, resulting in a deadlocked vote.)

My disappointment is that in his capacity as mayor he has sent a clear message that he is happy with the housing committee as long as it votes the way he wants it to and approves any proposal to build new housing, regardless of input from the affected neighbors.

The suggestion that private sector members would leave the committee if it dares disagree with a project, along with McDaniel’s personal comments, would render the committee useless. Why ask for opinions and input if you don’t want it?

Randy Eidson


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