“God bless America” is a prayer and a song but who, or what, god do we think of in this phrase? The creator of the heavens and the earth, the God revealed in the Bible, many would say. But that number seems to be decreasing in America today. If the Biblical God once was the object of our prayer, what has taken his place?

Some would say philosophy means the most to them. It may be based on ancient Greek philosophy or Eastern mysticism. Such philosophy might make them feel more intellectual or important or rightfully able to set forth rules for society.

Some would say science. All the technical advances resulting from scientific experiment are obviously impressive. However, these achievements pale in comparison to the design and functions of comparable designs and processes in the natural world.

Still others would say self. Self-worth, self-determination, self-rights, self-esteem. One considers self above any norm of society and if conflicts occur, society must change to conform.

Other things could be listed as our gods of today. Anything that consumes our thoughts and action is our god.

If God is who the Bible says he is, why do we allow so many things to replace him in our lives? According to the Bible, he is creator, savior, sustainer, and judge. If we do not trust the Bible, many organizations can provide information that refutes any claim that the Bible is not true. If we do not know the Bible, read it and get involved in a Bible study. If we do not believe the Bible, ask yourself what do you really believe and why? Search for truth and you will find the one true God.

Our nature leads us to ignore God. And America has done too good of a job in doing so. It is time for America to turn to God and truly mean God bless America.

John Espy


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