Against the backdrop of remembering January 6th is the chant of the former president and his supporters who claim that last year’s election was stolen and that those who stormed the Capitol were “patriots” and did nothing wrong.

No other election was contested as fraudulent. If there was an active conspiracy on the part of those opposing Republican candidates, why did it begin and end with the presidency?

There have been 86 judges, state or federal, participating in 64 cases filed by the former president’s campaign or his supporters. In the end, despite spending an enormous amount of time in front of TV cameras and microphones, once in the courtroom no evidence could be produced. Over 20 of these cases appeared before judges appointed by the former president.

In Georgia, controlled by the Republicans, the vote was counted three times, the last by hand and nothing changed. In Arizona, the Republican-controlled state senate spent $9 million on Cyber Ninjas, claiming they would prove voter fraud. In the end, they awarded President Biden 99 more votes than he received during the November count.

So far 700 people have been arrested for participating in the riot and to date 151 entered pleas of guilty. Yet our (U.S. Rep.) Marjorie Taylor Greene marched in the steps of these so-called patriots, proclaiming she was “ashamed of nothing.”

Saying something as an opinion or a belief is fine but, at some point, there must exist evidence that withstands public examination. And if cannot be produced or does not exist, a rational person should perhaps be willing to reexamine their position and admit to the obvious.

Failing that, the only outcome is to admit that the only thing that matters is an outcome acceptable to you regardless of the facts. But that is precisely where democracy ends and tyranny begins.

Bob Finnell



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