Regarding the story in Saturday’s paper focused on Floyd Medical Center’s effort to win approval for a heart bypass program, I read with interest the quote by the CEO of Redmond Regional Medical Center.

(John Quinlivan) is quoted “The potential here is you take one robust, successful, good quality program and split it into two smaller, less viable lower quality programs.”

I cannot help but wonder, if that is such a concern, why then is RRMC adding a Labor and Delivery program at his facility? Wouldn’t his argument apply to that program as well? Just curious. (By the way, the OB/GYNs I spoke to said a second program was not needed.)

What’s good for the goose ...

When RRMC came on scene in the 70s I remember the argument to build another hospital was “competition is a good thing,” and it has been. Our community is blessed with two excellent hospitals. The focus should always be excellent quality care and access, period. There are heroes working at both.

Finally, the Certificate of Need program in Georgia is outdated and broken. It should be discarded and allow the Joint Commission to evaluate programs that are up and running. As Judge Durham said, decisions are made arbitrarily and capriciously – in my humble opinion.

Hal M. Storey


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