A Letter to the Editor dated Monday, March 23, titled “Insider trading response is clear” criticized Georgia’s Sen. Kelly Loeffler as being one of those being accused. What I don’t understand is why he singled out Sen. Loeffler and not Sen. David Perdue, who is accused of doing the same thing. The writer went on to say if someone determines they were involved in insider trading then they must act now.

He suggested if any senator is involved in insider trading that they should resign their seat and withdraw from the Georgia Senate race; apologize to the people of Georgia, the U.S. Senate, the Republican Party and their family; make a substantial transfer of their personal funds to the State of Georgia for use fighting the virus; terminate or separate from all persons who are or have been involved; never use the excuse “everyone else does it;” and, if they are a Christian, they must take this to the Lord, repenting and in faith believe his grace and forgiveness through the cross on which he took on all the sins of the world.

Since Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue are both accused of insider trading, shouldn’t that advice apply to both candidates — who both have opposition?

Buddy Childers


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