For years, myself and many other Americans have been clamoring for our representatives in DC, state, and local areas to speak out against the evils in our land. We said we were tired of them holding back because the truth was not politically correct, or that it would hurt people’s feelings, or that there were things that should be thought about but not spoken publicly. Be honest with yourself, has this been you? Is this not what you want in the people who make the most important decisions facing you locally, at the state level, and in DC?

For too many years we have worried about outside forces destroying our nation, knowing full well if the United States of America was going to fall, it would be from the inside and not some other nation destroying us. Our enemies have told us their plans, yet we refuse to believe them. American Democratic Socialist Michael Harrington wrote in 1978, “Capitalism is dying. It will not, however, disappear on a given day, or in a given month or even year. Its demise will take place as a historic process that could lead to democratic socialism — or to a new kind of collectivist and authoritarian society.”

This is happening before our eyes. This is a battle not just for now, but for our children and generations to come. They told us they wanted God out of every part of America. They came after him first in our schools, then our government buildings, and public places too. Now they do not want Christians to gather in their church buildings.

They want to divide us. They divide us by religion, wealth, social status and most visibly now by race. Our nation, throughout all its shortcomings has always been strong because no matter the disagreements, we have always been ONE nation.

Today, we see groups like Antifa, BLM, KKK, neo-Nazis, just to name a few, driving a wedge between us. These people are pushing for the destruction of our society. Now here we are in 2020. Very few, except for President Trump call these groups out by name and by action. Again, we in our hearts want these people called out, we need them called out, and they MUST be called out! Let’s elect representatives that are bold and unafraid to go against the norm and stand in the face of the enemy.

Chris Ashley

Silver Creek

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