I hope the voters of the 14th congressional district will realize by the next election cycle that we need to put Marjorie (Taylor Greene) back in her CrossFit Gym.

We deserve a congressional representative who would be working with the rest of their colleagues in passing the infrastructure legislation currently being developed — and including line items that would directly benefit our district — not a publicity hound.

It would a welcome change to have a congressperson who would be reaching out to federal and state economic development organizations to coordinate strategies for bringing employment opportunities to the district, rather than one who is traversing the country.

Given that our region has some of the highest school drop-out rates in the state, a truly dedicated representative would be exercising the power of their position to seek out and bring public and private resources to the district that improve those statistics and provide our children with improved pathways to successful careers.

Setting up self-constructed checkpoints in the Capitol Rotunda to protest mask mandates is one of the latest examples of her childish obsession with drawing attention to herself that benefits no one in the district.

Hopefully, we will see some candidates emerge from both parties who will give voters a chance to replace the narcissist with someone who is competent and actually interested in governance.

Edward Allison


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