God is the final authority of all matters, of life and death. Realizing this, it makes me sad to see all of the verbal and physical destruction happening to our wonderful country. Our country was founded on Judeo Christian values by men who toiled, discussed and wrote our Constitution. It gives every person born the right to have life and pursue happiness.

When God created the human race, he gave us free will, as well as our biggest asset, our mind. He inspired the writing of his guide book for living, the Bible. He made it so that man and woman could procreate the world. His word teaches them how to raise their children.

Knowing all this shows me that every person has value when they are born. It is up to parents to nurture and raise them in the admonition. When they don’t do this, it causes their children to get mixed and damaging messages about how to make good decisions so their pursuit of happiness, when they are older, offers a good and prosperous life.

Someone asked me one day what is wrong with children and my response was “parents,” and I added what is wrong with parents is “no spiritual compass.” (Not all parents and families are like this.) When one has a spiritual compass there is no desire to misbehave or develop bad destructive habits. Pleasing God Is the ultimate goal.

The happenings in our country make me question many things: If lives truly matter, why are there so many abortions? Concerning the yelling and rebellion going on, why did these perpetrators not get taught how to resolve issues through discussion and reasoning? Why do some not understand that monuments are reminders of our history and how far we have come in improving with each generation.

Even if it is difficult to do sometimes, we are to love one another, respect our parents, elders and people with authority. We should also be respectable. We are to be polite. Fighting is never the answer.

We all really have a lot of soul searching to do, don’t we? God gives us life and he can take it away. We should heed his word and make our lives happy and productive.

Mary G. Underwood


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