This is concerning the absentee results, the confusion that happened on Election Night in attempting to use the scan to count the absentee ballots, and the problems that we faced in Floyd County during this period.

I went to the election office and was informed by (Chief Elections Clerk) Robert Brady that everything was fine and would work smoothly with over 11,000 absentee ballots that they had to count. As I looked around, I saw all the bins that were on tables scattered in their office. He informed me he had hired two temporary workers to assist with the process. I came back that evening about 9:30 p.m. and Mr. Brady informed me that there were several issues with the scan that they were using.

This is just one incident that I witnessed that night. That remained of that morning as I remembered how the office had looked like a “ball of mess.” There were so many other problems throughout the city and the county polling precincts. Pollworkers were not trained and did not have support of the main office — Mr. Robert Brady.

We need to fix this problem as soon as possible before November 2020!!! Is Mr. Brady the right person for the job? Is the Board of Elections capable of hiring a professional or does the Floyd County Board of Commissioners need to review previous applicants? We have major problems with our election system in Rome/Floyd County.

Ouida D. Sams

President of Rome/Floyd County NAACP

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