I am writing to open a discussion with our residents of Northwest Georgia.

In my opinion, our elected government office holders have failed us in many ways over many decades. We, The People, are responsible for that. By the nature of our Constitution and the assumption that it makes — one of integrity, honor, and respectability — we have granted human individuals an obviously overwhelming authority.

Human nature at the individual level is one of survival. A species keeps itself healthy by a system of checks and balancing occurring naturally during life. By placing individuals into public service positions with no means for accountability, other than the occasional election buffoonery, we have created this creature known as our government.

I am proposing the idea of forming a People’s Union of America organization. An organization of volunteers willing to give an hour or so of their lives once a month to contribute to holding our government amenable, as per GA State Constitution, Article I, Sec. II, para. I. These words specifically describe our government as “trustees and servants of the people and are amenable to us (the people) at all times.”

Our (The People’s) disadvantage currently in our history is that we are not united. Every effort is being made to divide us. Economically, ideologically, and even our genetics are used to divide and subdivide us into fractional groups of the whole.

As a famous man once said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” And it seems we are currently falling to the whims of a government creature which we continually feed by our own ignorance. Another great man and intellectually gifted fellow, Thomas Sowell, says, “It takes a tremendous amount of knowledge to reveal the depths of our ignorance.”

The proposed People’s Union of America could be the tool to hold our elected officials accountable for all their actions. The People’s Union of America could be a focused point of contact for our local, state, and federal governments. A council of members of The People’s Union of America could gather to consolidate their concerns and expectations of our elected office holders.

As a veteran I am continuously trying to honor the oath I took. I am willing to give a piece of my life in the form of volunteer time in pursuit of more perfect union. Are you?

Michael C. Morgan


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