On a Saturday morning I put two political signs in my yard. By Sunday morning they were gone. Come on, Rome; we are better than this.

That Sunday night my wife, Peggy, and I went to the One Community United dinner event at the Marriott Courtyard. Instead of the one large table across the John Ross Bridge, this year featured boxed dinners enjoyed in small groups. And for the evening we forgot about signs and politics.

Peggy and I love living in Rome and love the Rome community. We have always thought it was special. The taking of two signs is not a big deal, but it does point to a bigger issue. Political differences threaten to drive a huge wedge in our community and our nation.

Yes, there are many differences among us, but those differences can make us stronger together. Together is the key. We are only stronger if we work together. Then we can be truly united in one community.

Come on, Rome; we are better than this.

Peggy & John Reiners


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