Voting in our representative government is an essential component. It is the only way most citizens can register their approval or disapproval of their elected representatives. Voting should be easy, effective, and convenient.

This past Saturday/Sunday edition of the Rome News-Tribune featured an article on early voting. Mr. Robert Brady, our elections clerk, is quoted as saying “This early voting experience will not be as pleasant as it usually is. It is going to take longer and it’s going to be more standing around and more aggravation ,,,”

The article starts by stating that there are changes from prior years and that there will be only one early voting location.

I fail to see the logic in knowing that our voting this year will lead to more standing around and more aggravation and at the same time limiting the early voting to fewer locations than in the past.

Does our Board of Elections have a different mission than to make voting easy, effective, and convenient?

Bob Henderson


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