Americans face a stark choice as they vote for President. The very existence of our country and the Constitution depend on how Americans act in this time of choosing. America must remain based on individual liberty, natural rights, limited government, consent of the governed, free markets, property rights, rule of law and equal justice. Yet socialists, leftists and the vast majority of the Democratic Party leadership seek an end of all these principles. They seek limited “rights” granted by powerful people, rather than God. Americans of all races value law and order and responsible, just policing. But the leftists seek destruction of police departments and ending gun ownership rights while people are terrorized into submission as mobs show up on their doorsteps. The leaders of the Marxist movements are hijacking peaceful protests to push their agenda through fear, destruction and violence. Anyone who stands up to them, attempts to expose the truth or even engage in rational debate are subject to cancel culture; they face losing their jobs and are intimidated into silence while falsely being called the most heinous of epithets. Free speech is thus lost and only the loud voice of the mob reign supreme.

Americans deserve better than this and must now stand to vote in overwhelming numbers to reject the tactics of the left who trade on tragedy — their cynical tool in their quest for supreme power. In the world of these leftists and socialists, people must serve the government based on the whims of shadowy elitists in charge, rather than control a government that serves the people.

Americans, this may be your last chance to remain free. Citizens seeking a more perfect union, rather than an end to America, must mobilize to turn out the vote for those who stand for America’s founding principles and who are willing to oppose the forces seeking to destroy America. While President Trump is an imperfect vessel, he is the one who bravely works for Americans and to protect our Constitution. Join efforts of local organizers to turn out the vote to reelect President Trump. That means mobilizing people who vote infrequently or have never voted before by walking door to door and doing phone banking. Your freedom depends on it.

David McKalip


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