I read about the plan to take two lanes off the Fifth Avenue bridge to be used for parking. The planners wanted to be able to visualize how things might work, so they coned off the two outer lanes for the day.

One might think that, if plans are to have these two outer lanes reserved for parallel parking, a much better “visualization” would have been to let the public parallel park all day during the test. I’m surprised this didn’t occur to the planners (or maybe they’re saving that for a future test?).

Anyway, I do hope that they understand that lots of us aren’t the best at parallel parking — sometimes needing several tries. I can just see it now. If they did make this change we could have two, three, four drivers at once trying to park, thereby totally blocking traffic across the bridge for who knows how long.

One might compare it to Broad Street if there were only one lane each way and they were blocked by trucks parked in those lanes making deliveries.

Good luck Rome!

Mac Eubanks


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