City administration meetings are seldom funny, but the recent Board of Adjustments had moments of hilarity. At issue is the request for a variance so Bob Ledbetter’s company can expand the property of old Long John Silvers into East Rome.

The spokesperson supporting the variance talked about the proposed Popeye’s not serving breakfast, thus alleviating morning traffic on Turner McCall and in the neighborhood. The next several images in the PowerPoint were of the restaurant’s breakfast menus. The spokesperson said some locations did offer breakfast but this Popeye’s did not plan on it ... at this time.

The same variance-supporter explained that without the city’s approval, the current building could be upgraded but might attract things like tattoo parlors.

Tattoo parlors wouldn’t attract a lot of cars moving through East Rome or near St. Mary’s School. Traffic is the residents’ prime objection as well as setting precedence for future incursion. East Rome residents could get tattoos saying, “We won!”

Other people spoke but all were strongly opposed to the variance.

None of the Board of Adjustments members had the courage to make a motion to vote and thus the variance issue goes on and on.

Peg Arey


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