This is an open letter to Capitol Building Superintendent’s Office, HB29, US Capitol, Washington, DC, 20515.

To Whom It May Concern and to all staff:

On behalf of myself and many others across our country, I want to convey my sincerest appreciation to each of you for the heroic work you did last week in the wake of the riots that found its way into the halls of the people’s house.

Yes, it is your job day to day to care for the historic buildings, but never since the British burned the Capitol in 1814 has our center of democracy been violated, breeched, and defaced so terribly. And yet, once over, you stepped up and stepped in to clean the horrific, unimaginable mess left in its wake.

You are the unsung heroes of the mayhem last week. May you, or the American people, never again face such a crisis as we witnessed last week. For myself and countless others who appreciate our history, our democracy, and its meaning, I say thank you.

With sincerest regards,

Hal M. Storey


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