In recent months, vulnerable populations and small businesses have suffered tremendous loss due to the impacts of the coronavirus. As the owner of a law firm just outside of Atlanta that frequently works with families of elderly veterans, I’ve experienced the consequences firsthand.

A large portion of my practice depends on working with families of elderly veterans — which have access to a number of benefits from the VA that help pay for long term care. But, unfortunately, the families are not meeting with case managers and lawyers to learn about these options because of pandemic restrictions.

As a result, my business tremendously slowed. Thankfully, we received a lifeline through the Paycheck Protection Program that is helping us weather the financial difficulties; our staff is grateful.

Georgia was one of the first states to begin reopening its economy and I applaud the governor for his leadership. While we must continue to protect our vulnerable communities, it’s time to let us safely do our jobs.

James Swain


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