It is not time for our USA to push to open up our schools. It is not time to push to see that everyone can do their fun things and to see how much money we can spend or how many places we can go. We must stop and demand that our nation stop and look beyond ourselves.

This nation needs time to heal by loving and caring for all of our fellow persons, and we need to physically heal from the sickness and death brought on by COVID-19. Georgia is raging with countless numbers of our people suffering and dying from this disease. When are we going to say this is enough?

We must make changes. It takes one person at a time. We must demand that leadership step aside and hand it over to the medical field when dealing with this pandemic. We don’t call politicians when we are sick. Our nation is physically and mentally sick and we need the medical profession. Our leadership is incapable of doing the job for our people. When will we awake and demand what this great country needs? We do it one person at a time.

We have families in Rome and Floyd County that do not have enough food and medical care to get through this tragic pandemic in this nation. Where are our Christian values?

Most children need to be in school because they don’t have the skills and the technical equipment at their homes to do virtual learning. Neither do their homes have a true environment for learning. This is putting the economically disadvantaged in harm’s way. Is this what we want? When will we see the truth and do the right thing to demand that these leaders of our state and country get the right thing done for all people? It is not the right thing to pretend that all will work out. Our lives are on the line.

Winifred Holland


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