Many fashion their daily agendas by the parameters of the ultimate measure of accountability — time. From earth’s corner to corner and every region within, the instilled measure of the day’s totality is forever constant as 24 hours. No wealthy entrepreneur can purchase or is more privy to time than the deprived derelict sleeping under a bridge. Our discussion is not about the provided time we all have, but the individual purpose of our time and its effects on those we love.

A father’s devoted time to family and children is impeccably crucial! Paternal quality-time shape underdeveloped values and molds the fabrics of esteem that stand as the blue-print for adult individual and social stability. Negative “daddy” issues can often cripple a young boy’s ability to withstand challenges in life or surmount those feats-of-cards that nature has dealt. Through the eyes of a young girl, unpleasant imagery of her father could perhaps induce apprehension in future relationships or cognitively embed a thick wall of resistance to all men. The gold-standard of good parenting for all is the quality of time spent with our children.

In my opinion, there seems to be a misconception of the long lasting skill-sets of fatherhood as it relates to success or failure as a dad. All of the money in the world or substantial weekly allowances can not equate to the bountiful effective substance of quality-time with your child! Some fathers work odd schedules and hardly ever see their children; however, the short time spent, even if for just a few minutes, could allow the trade of energy and genuine conversation to be inspirational and appreciated!

My encouragement to fathers is taking pride in the anointed gift/privilege of being a father and making it an everlasting appreciation by telling your children you love them! Quantity of time spent with a child has no relevance if the time spent with their father yields negative memory bullet-points for them! Five minutes of real connection to a child outweighs any two week vacation at the ocean where dad didn’t want to be bothered and only wanted to sunbathe by the beach. Remember “Dads,” showering your son/daughter with money and gifts are short-lived, but quality time and interaction are deeply embedded for a lifetime.

Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

Seneca Falls, N.Y.

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