If this letter is accepted for publication it is possible our election will be over and perhaps even a new president determined. With months of acrimony behind us, I have to wonder how the loser will respond, regardless of who he is.

In “The Presidents Club” by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy the following is what President George H.W. Bush wrote in his journal the night of his 1992 defeat. Is it possible we will find such a statement of grace from the loser this year?

“… Bush stayed up well past midnight, writing in his diary that it ‘hurt, hurt, hurt and I guess it’s the pride, too … On a competitive basis I don’t like to see the pollsters right at the end, I don’t like to see the pundits right, and I don’t like to see all of those who have written me off right. I was absolutely convinced we would prove them wrong but I was wrong and they were right and that hurts a lot … Now to bed, prepared to face tomorrow: Be strong, be kind, be generous of spirit, be understanding and let people know how grateful you are. Don’t get even. Comfort the ones I’ve hurt and let down. Say your prayers and ask for God’s understanding and strength. Finish with a smile and some gusto and do what’s right and finish strong.’”

What a wonderful reminder of what this country used to be only 27 years ago. Dare we hope to experience such grace and depth of character from this year’s loser?

S.N. Durham


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