The cost of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ignorance may be unemployment.

Most business leaders looking to locate new plants will tell you their No. 1 criteria is an educated work force. Our current U.S. representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is letting America business know that if the 14th Congressional District resembles her, then this is not the place to locate.

On the floor of the House recently, Ms. Greene decided to weigh in on the subject of medicine by saying that a drug that prevents ovulation aborts a fetus. All this said in an attempt to prevent lower income women from obtaining access to a drug specifically designed to prevent a pregnancy as opposed to aborting one.

Apparently Marjorie has missed biology at the most elementary level and her next museum tour should be the America Museum of Natural History, where America’s top scientist can explain to her that ovulation comes before fertilization as it relates to the female of all species.

Sadly, Ms. Greene continues her tour de force march through the garden of ignorance. It is how these continuing rants reflect upon the people of this district that should make us ponder how was it we allowed someone who moved here a few weeks before qualifying to captivate the temporal political loyalty of our people.

While of a conservative bent, most folks here generally know a fool when they see one. Our nation has serious problems and we need serious, thoughtful, and intelligent leaders to help solve them.

If you do not think business is paying attention, read last week’s issue of Forbes magazine about how Ms. Greene, even after the apology at the Holocaust Museum, continues to use terms like “Brown Shirts” to describe those who support our nation’s vaccine program. Ms. Greene’s intent is to solve nothing but stir up anything.

After she toured the Holocaust Museum, Ms. Greene said: “there are words I have said for which I want to apologize.” We were all glad to hear that, no matter the degree of sincerity, but what now? Deny fundamental scientific facts — wait, isn’t that what those who brought us the Holocaust did, deny facts and then deprive millions of their humanity related to those facts?

Marjorie, the American Museum of Natural History is located at 1000 Madison Drive in DC. In that you have no committee assignments you will have plenty of time for a tour. Mammals and human origins are located on the first floor.

Bob Finnell


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