Last week, I was sitting in traffic at the intersection of Turner McCall and Hicks Drive. There was heavy and threatening traffic in all four directions.

I noticed an elderly gentleman slowly moving his wheelchair down the sidewalk on the north side of the street, pushing with one foot, trying to reach the safety of the traffic pole some 100 feet ahead.

It looked like an impossible challenge for the man to arrive at that point and get safe crossing toward the IHOP.

Then, out of nowhere, appeared a Rome police car. The officer pulled his car into a parking lot and ran toward the stuggling man in the wheelchair. He leaned over and spoke to the man and began to gently and cautiously push the wheelchair so that the man did not have to pump with his foot.

The officer pressed the crosswalk button and assisted the elderly man to safety on the other side. He spoke to the man and pointed him toward his goal. (Editor’s note: The officer has been identified as Justin Smith.)

Thank you, Rome police!

Dr. William Flanagan


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