Dear Floyd County Commissioners, I am writing to thank you for the contribution you made in ruining our family’s holidays.

Thanks to your lack of leadership and courage during such a horrific time, by not mandating mask wearing and enforcing other public safety measures, and not stressing and educating your constituents on how important these measures are, our county is now suffering high numbers of COVID cases.

No, we’re not the only county in Georgia, or even in the country, that is suffering this way, but as it only takes one domino knocked over to set off a chain reaction, it only takes a few with guts and leadership skills to change the course of history. Remember Lincoln?

For the first time in years, I did not vote for any local Republicans in this general election because of my disappointment with you. I was not alone. And I will not vote for any incumbents in the next election, either, if I don’t see change.

I’m tired of our people and our lives being made sacrificial lambs to political ignorance and cowardice. Do something!!

Amy Knowles

Silver Creek

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