I am writing to express my concern over the fate of the future of education.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have been asked to teach remotely while learning new technology and new ways of delivering content. The community saw that teachers not only educate, but they also care, provide safe places, and want to see each child succeed. Administrators praised teachers for their quick-thinking, ability to adapt and hard work. Parents audibly wondered how a teacher can do all of this with 30 students while they struggled to do this with their one child.

It has been announced, however, there will be substantial budget cuts for the Georgia education system due to a slow economy. Because educators already make considerably less than most college-required careers, this comes as yet another setback for teachers trying to make a living. As a result, how many of the best teachers will become discouraged and choose a different profession?

In my opinion, teaching, helping, and loving a child is one of the most important jobs that a person can do. Therefore, we must find a way to make these people feel appreciated and want to stay in this noble career. What message are we sending our teachers if we cut their funding?

Jennifer Minish


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