I once heard someone say that they were tired of making boring and ordinary New Year’s resolutions. So, instead of making a list of realistic and practical things, they made a list full of extraordinary and exciting resolutions. These commitments included things such as looking for a fairy at sunset, befriending a woodland elf, or discovering buried treasure.

Odd resolutions such as these stretch the imagination and can return some of the childlike wonder to the mind. It can allow you to remember what it was like, as a kid, to wonder freely and openly about the possibilities of the big and unexplored world. It makes life just a bit more exciting.

Note though, that creating a list such as this will require a couple things. First, you will have to be willing loosen the bonds that the ordinary things have tied around your mind. Untying this knot may take some time, but it is more than possible with perseverance. Second, you will have to allow a bit of hope to shine into your life. You don’t need overflowing fountains of it, even a small ounce of hopefulness will do just fine.

You might be surprised when you find how much fun making this list can be. Maybe you will include resolutions such as riding a shooting star, or perhaps you will venture back to abandoned childhood destinations, such as Neverland. Remember that the only limit to your list is the one you set.

I encourage you to add a bit of adventure to your new year. Push your imagination. Dare to wonder and marvel at the world’s possibilities and mysteries again. You may not accomplish everything, or anything, on your list. However, you might just rediscover something that you lost many years ago.

Darlene Dorian


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