I am writing in regards to the proposed closing of Cave Spring Elementary School and to the reduced financial support from the state because of declining student population.

During the time I worked for the Floyd County school system as director of special education, I had the pleasure of visiting Cave Spring Elementary many times. Under the leadership of such principals as Susan Childers, the school constantly radiated love and kindness for the children.

Every time I walked into the school, I was impressed with a truly child-centered place. I visited classrooms, attended meetings and observed teachers. There was always a welcoming atmosphere from all staff and students. Things moved smoothly and joyfully. It is a very special place.

I am sure that Superintendent Dr. Glenn White would prefer not to close the school. He has been notified that the state will drastically reduce financial support for the school due to its small student population.

If there were some way to adequately measure the spirit and quality of that small school, I am sure that funding would double.

Raleigh Hussmann


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