We have a major problem.

Somehow the Rome City Commission has decided that they should solicit developers from Atlanta to fix our workforce and housing needs, without considering the infrastructure. They have done patchwork annexation of the city into county neighborhoods without taking into consideration the substandard road connections.

Our neighborhood has three substandard width roads. The city ignored this and has approved a high-density neighborhood of 1,018 houses that jumps over our county neighborhoods and lands in their newly annexed 250 acres. Thus, we will have an estimated 8,000 more road trips being made on these substandard roads per day. This was all done before we knew about it. Now we get to hear them talk about how great this is for Rome.

Below are quotes from the “Atlanta City Design.” Does this sound like Rome?

“Continued growth can allow Atlanta to become a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible city to live in.”

How does this work with patchwork annexation? Rome has disconnected road infrastructure, unlike Atlanta.

“The recent population growth has brought new jobs ... generated funding for improved transportation, and allowed for more businesses and other amenities to open in neighborhoods throughout the city.”

Is this even close to what Rome has in annexing Pleasant Valley Preserve: “New city jobs and more funding for improved transportation”?

“Higher density neighborhoods can create the economic conditions necessary for small neighborhood businesses to thrive.”

This doesn’t sound like our disconnected proposed high density housing location off Chulio Road.

“It can also increase the amount of resources available at the neighborhood level, creating conditions for greater walkability and improved access.”

I guess we will all be walking along Chulio Road, Boyd Valley Road and Pleasant Valley Road to Walmart, of course along the narrow shoulders.

If Rome politicians think recruiting an Atlanta developer is the answer to “workforce housing” they better figure out how to connect any rural “city annexation” to the city jobs, otherwise we just have disconnected rental housing.

If Rome City Commission doesn’t care about the safety of the residents on Chulio Road, it’s doubtful they’ll care about the safety of the residents of Pleasant Valley Preserve, although they will collect city taxes. No one opposes affordable housing; the devil is in the details.

Duke and Nora Hale

Hampton East


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