There are some really good people in Rome. I know because I see them every day.

Like that day I was in a cafeteria line behind a man, waiting to pay. When I got to the register, credit card in hand, the check-out lady said, “Sir, you don’t have to pay. The gentleman in front of you paid for your meal.” I didn’t know him at the time, but I know him now. He was just a good, thoughtful man.

One day I went out to my car, only to discover I had a flat tire. What to do? At my age and physical ability? Then my wife saw my next door neighbor, his sons and friends. She said, “There’s some good strong boys.” That’s all it took. They worked until they had the tire changed. Teenage boys having fun, but helping a friend! Really good boys, and the dad pitched in with an air pump.

One day a young girl, a teenager, appeared at my door. She wanted to know if I would mind her bringing my trash cart from the road to my house! I’m so lucky. I seem to find these kind of people everywhere I go. What a really good act on the part of a sweet young girl.

On the way home one day my car had a flat (again) and I pulled over to a safe area to change it. A car pulled up behind me with a young husband and wife. Long story short, the man had me sit down and he changed my tire. He didn’t have to, but he was really just a good man.

I know about the other kinds of people in other towns, but I have discovered Rome has so many good people, of all ages and ethnic groups. Other cities can have their division and anger. As for me, an 81-year-old retired teacher and pastor, I’ll always praise the good Lord for Rome — my town.

Bill Atkins


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