This is an open letter to U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Representative Greene: We, your constituents and your neighbors in Rome, GA, hold you personally accountable for your contribution to the events of Wednesday, Jan. 6, when a mob of rioters — spurred on by the false claims of election fraud by our president — broke into the Capitol of the United States of America, looted and vandalized said premises, and tried to stop the rightful transfer of power following a constitutionally prescribed election by the people of the United States. At every possible opportunity that you had to condemn the demonstrably false claims by Donald Trump, you chose instead to amplify them for your own gain.

Your relentless trafficking in conspiracy theories may have seemed like a harmless way to get attention prior to this, but it never was, and the riot on the Capitol is both the proof, and the inevitable conclusion of such disinformation. Your false claims of voter fraud undermine our American democracy and disenfranchise the voters of the great State of Georgia.

And now, for better or worse, you are our representative for the next two years. We therefore demand as your constituents that you immediately:

1. Drop the false claims of voter fraud, which have been thrown out of court by dozens of judges across this nation – many appointed by Republicans and even by the current president – and that have been refuted time and again by Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State.

2. Acknowledge the legitimacy of President-elect Biden.

3. Denounce the violence at the Capitol as well as any future calls for violence.

4. Accept the seriousness of the job in which you now find yourself. As our congresswoman, you now stand in hallowed halls and represent the people of the 14th Congressional District of Georgia. Rise to that challenge. The days of spinning late night conspiracy theories in YouTube videos must be a thing of the past. This is the real world, not internet fantasy land, and ayour words can have very serious consequences.

It is our sincere hope that order, civility, and truth can return to the halls of our Congress and to the White House. You have played a part in the breakdown of that order. You now have the opportunity to play a part in the rebuilding of it. We demand no less.

Vincent J. Mendes, Terrell and Sheila Shaw, Daniel Eason, Alan Guyatt and Ruth Demeter, Jim Watkins, Ben Amis, Bob Finnell, David Matheny, Rex Hussmann, Augusta Spearman, Paul Culotta, Jeanne Cahill, Terri Morgan, Dr. Stephanie Wright, Paula Barkley Fensom, Bob Frank, Raleigh Hussmann


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