What we wouldn’t give to have our son, brother, uncle, dad and best friend back. The way he cared for his family from immediate to distant, even old friends, was out of the ordinary. I can describe his heart as “Ample.” Regardless of how narcissistic people around him needed and wanted so much from just one person, he still made a way to make others happy at his expense. The only thing this man wanted in his life was his own family and to make his parents proud. He always said “just give me time, I need more time and everybody goin’ be good.” June 2018 was the happiest I’d seen him in a while, he was like, “I’m so happy! My mama retired and my baby finally here, I’m beyond grateful.” Being the youngest and only son of four children he always felt he had big shoes to fill when it came to protecting his sisters. He earned his respect not by starting drama or looking for it. Many people just linked to his quietness and when he spoke he was the definition of real. (He was a) Very quiet person who spoke truth and hardship ’cause at an early age he has been through it. He knew there was a higher power ’cause he spoke of it many a times, saying no matter what he always kept his faith. God and family always helped him through. The John, Jr., I know would be proud of how his family still loves him and continues to speak high of him no matter the situation and include his love and spirit in every aspect of his child’s, nieces and nephews upbringing. He has had a hand in raising a lot of children and it saddens us that he cannot be here to raise his one and only son, but with the help of God and family, he will grow up knowing just how much his Daddy loves him. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers. God bless.

Tamika Good


Editor’s note: John Allen Jr. is the late father of Nicholas Greene, who was featured in the Sept. 8 article “Greene overcomes hardships to shine on the field, in life.”

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