As a society, we are living in an uncertain and turmoil world. During these difficult times, the health professions are working harder than ever, and all their efforts and sacrifices are unknown and countless.

In this group of professionals, there is a group of individuals who are trying to bring peace and uplift those who are stressed or vulnerable, the social workers.

They can be found beside a hospice bed comforting the sick, on the hallways of schools serving students and families, in a hospital room offering support to patients, in government offices advocating for the people and the communities, in the streets providing resources to the homeless, or in the clinical settings empowering individuals.

Social workers focus on individuals and on the influence the environment has on them. Because they have a code of ethics, they strive to adopt, in their professional practice, values and principles such as service; dignity and worth of individuals; social justice; the importance of human relationships; integrity; and competence.

This month we celebrate and remember the teachings and examples of social work pioneers such as Jane Adams, Mary Richmond, and Harry Hopkins. In March, we celebrate the social work profession, but this year has been a different type of celebration. Nevertheless, their efforts and hard work should not be forgotten.

Social workers are problem-solvers, comforters, supporters, advocates, organizers, servers, critical thinkers, researchers, and the voice of the vulnerable. I am a proud first-generation college student at Dalton State, a mom, a Latina and on May 9 I will become a social worker.

This month, remember those who serve — with all their heart — our community in the different fields of the profession, the social workers!

Nancy Avila de Welles


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