It is my distinct pleasure to express thanks to the special people who worked with me for early voting at Garden Lakes Baptist Church.

This special group included: Bernice Swann, Sandra Ledbetter, Virginia McChesney, Tony Pope, Peggy Haywood, Janice White, Lewis Copeland, Sarah Harrell, Cathy Brock, Grant Miller, Judy Weeks, Mary Rolan, Carol Green, Fran Jordan, and Meg Eberhart.

Our voters were so nice and thoughtful of those who needed to put at the head of the line.

Also, election day at East Rome Health Center went very smoothly because of the special group of volunteers who worked with me: Lewis Copeland, Carol Green, Virginia McChesney, Fran Jordan, and Sarah Harrell.

Our voters were very patient and kind.

Thank you,

Frances Herron

Poll manager

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