A few days ago several members of our medical community lent their voices asking for public support to wear masks and social distance. As Dr. Pandya noted: “Your choice to follow COVID-19 guidelines will have a positive impact on all of our lives.”

On the same day, Congresswoman-elect Ms. (Marjorie) Greene, representing this congressional district, announced that the mask mandate required of those who seek recognition on the floor of the Congress violated “her rights and her choice.”

While none of us would prefer to wear a mask, to politicize a public health requirement which protects all members of Congress, their staffs, Congressional police and visitors demonstrates a selfishness over common sense and a lack of proper perspective of what simple things each of us can do to contribute to overcoming this virus and preventing it from harming others.

However, given how Ms. Greene has so far “arrived” in the nation’s capital, I fear we can only expect more and even louder protests from her where her right of “choice” usurps anything which resembles public good policy.

Bob Finnell


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