COVID-19, what does it mean to you? Personally I know three people who have had the virus. Thankfully they survived. Over 3,500 people in Georgia have died. Each one of those people was somebody’s special person. That is too many families left to mourn the loss of those special people. Do you know one of them or their family and friends? Fortunately I don’t, yet.

“We The People” must pick up the pieces and do the best we can! We know what to do: wear a mask in public, social distance and wash your hands. Add to that, just care about other humans.

None of this is hard. We can (must) do it! It doesn’t matter your political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, religious preference or any other difference you can think of. None of that matters! We are all the same, human. Please do your part so more of us can live. Thank you.

Jane Studard


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