When I read the story “Rome-Floyd Parks and Rec works out schedule for 2021,” it was troubling. First, the headline did not match the article. That was bad enough, but as I realized what we are doing to recreation in Floyd County it was frustrating.

Why does it matter? I have worked as a physical education teacher and volunteer with the Rec Department for years. We all know that a proper physical routine is essential for living a long and healthy life. In fact, it is more important than anything else you can do.

The article is about the need for RFPR to raise money independent of taxpayer dollars so that we can provide recreational opportunities for this community.

Here are the facts, Floyd County significantly underfunds the Rec Department. This changes its dynamic from concentrating on activities to raising money, for things like youth leagues for basketball, football, baseball, soccer, softball and the like. Recreational opportunities help us create habits that will lead to a healthier community, both physically and mentally.

Further research showed that the Rec Departments for the surrounding counties are fully funded. One would hope that the Floyd County Commission would reconsider this decision and find a way to fully fund our Rec Department. Thus, permitting our Rec Department to concentrate on the business of recreation.

The county did a good job of hiring a qualified director for the Rec Department but they require him to work with an insufficient budget so that he has to spend much of his time raising funds instead of providing recreation for our community.

The Rec Department is filled with good, caring people, who want to provide recreational opportunities for our young people and adults alike. Why don’t we as a community insist that our leaders let them get back to their business instead of forcing them to spend valuable time raising money to provide what our tax dollars should already be providing.

Bill Thornton


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