The editorial in the July 10/11 Rome News-Tribune concerning (U.S. Rep.) Marjorie Taylor Greene’s manufactured distortions was right on point but failed to identify her motivation for continued lying.

Simply put, it is greed. Back in the post-Civil War reconstruction era, the South, recovering from its rebellion, was plagued by carpetbaggers – outsiders who appeared like locusts to plunder the reeling South of political power and what was left of its economy. In like manner, Ms. Greene suddenly appeared in the 14th District, abandoning her Congressional race in one district to run here, a “safe” Republican seat. She ran using Trump methodology and popularity and won handily.

Since then, she has followed a page from the Trump playbook. Step 1: Trumpet something completely bizarre and outrageous to the world, using social media. Step 2: Ignoring outrage from liberals and even a few traditional conservatives, many well-meaning Americans blindly believe the nonsense and write a check or contribute online to Ms. Greene. Step 3: If the heat gets too intense, Ms. Greene apologizes for her craziness. Step 4: Despite the apology, she does not refund the money to all those she has fooled. She just chuckles and pockets the dollars, happy that she has a fatter war chest to fight contenders in 2022. Greene already has harvested millions of dollars accumulated with this sleight of tongue routine.

Considering that she doesn’t have any committee assignments, one supposes that all she has to do is vote on bills, go on tours, and repeat her money-grubbing “big lie” schemes.

One wonders how long people will keep letting her hornswoggle them. One wonders if there is a traditional Republican who dares take her on and challenge her carpetbagging ways? Already several Democrats are lining up to challenge such an obviously devious candidate. November 2022 is coming.

Paul F. Culotta


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