As we come to the end of the hot and humid dog days of summer here in the south and begin to enter into the fall of the year, there is a red long stemmed flower popping in yards all over Rome called the red spider lily.

This little flower has somewhat of a lot of symbolism attached to it. Originally coming from Japan, it was sometimes called the flower of death, red magic lily and equinox flower.

But here in the south we see it as ending of summer. And soon coming darkness of winter. Some say it’s associated with goodbyes and they grow where people part ways.

This has been a tough historic year and I know all of us want some things to end. As we approach November it will be an end of an election year. And we will soon welcome the coolness of fall and the upcoming holidays.

As we look at nature showing us the end and death, we also look to the future of the New Year and after the cold hard winter new life seems to appear with the crocus flowers sprouting up beneath the frosty ground and showing us life again. Jonquils start to bud. And we see new life emerging.

While we see the amazing red spider lily showing us summer is ending and death occurs, we can always remember new life will grow up from the cold and spring forth beauty and abundance. Watch nature it can share with us so much.

Angela Evans


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