I read the obituary for Mr. (Alex) Mills on April 22. It was very nice. However, I would like to add a couple of things.

When Mr. Mills first started the Boys Club, it was in a small room at the Marine Armory. All he had was a basketball, softball, a bat, a set of boxing gloves, some mats to throw on the gym floor and a few other items. As I remember, that is what he started with.

He allowed some of us to help with the chores because we didn’t have the money for the membership. I think it was 50 cents a year.

The Boys Club in West Rome came some years later. Mr. Mills was an innovator. He came up with ideas to build the club and help it grow.

He used to take four of us to meetings at Exchange Club, Optimist Club and other meetings around town of the business organizations and we would do a little presentation for the benefit of the club.

I remember David Stewart, Bobby Bishop, Coochie Abbott and I each had a little part we would do. This was just one of the ways he gained support for the club.

I can’t begin to imagine how many hours he worked in a week.

He had a tumbling team and he even had boxing featured on Channel 9 TV in Rome.

I have to mention Hubert Smith, Harvey Pilgrim, Johnny Dill and Ronnie Cescutti. They all helped and supported Mr. Mills.

I don’t have the time or enough paper to list all the things this man did for kids in Rome.

He touched ALL of our lives, I must say, IN A POSITIVE WAY!

Jimmy W. Shiflett


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