Christmas is putting smiles on the faces of girls and boys, by giving them lots of wonderful toys. But Christmas should mean much much more than buying gifts at a department store.

It should also be spending time with the family. Telling stories and singing carols around the Christmas tree. It should be about helping your fellow man, by giving him a helping hand.

Christmas is the time to have good food to eat, and spend time with friends by having great places to meet. Christmas is a time of great joy and cheer, but let me make one thing perfectly clear.

The Spirit of Christmas should last all year long, when everything is right and nothing goes wrong. It should be a time of peace and love, with God‘s guidance from above.

So whether you call it Christmas or something else, do your own celebration and be true to yourself. Yes, Christmas is much more than toys and there’s one key thing we should all remember:

That Jesus was born on the 25th of December.

Wallace A. Farmer



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