I am writing as a representative of the 690 frontline employees who work for the Internal Revenue Service in Rome, Albany, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Decatur, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta and Savannah, most of whom are worried about their personal health and safety and that of their coworkers and families.

Despite government orders to telework, practice social distancing, and in some cases, shelter at home, huge numbers of IRS employees are still required to come to work in crowded office facilities.

In my role as president of Chapter 26 of the National Treasury Employees Union, I am urging the IRS to temporarily close those facilities still holding 50 or more IRS employees.

This would allow those facilities to undergo a thorough cleaning and give employees the administrative leave they need to protect themselves, care for their families and follow the guidance of local, state and federal public health officials to stop congregating in groups.

IRS employees remain dedicated to their agency mission, especially during this tax filing season, and they look forward to returning to normal operations as soon as possible to finish processing returns, issuing refunds and collecting the revenue our country needs during this crisis and beyond.

Terry Scott


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