Last year, during the primary campaign, I read that (U.S. Rep.) Marjorie Greene was a Qanon follower and I was surprised to see that she was ahead in the polls. Qanon followers believe that top Democrats run pedophile rings and eat children. At the time, I didn’t know that she also believed that the Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings were a hoax and never happened.

I have just seen the video of Ms. Greene harassing one of the Parkland survivors when he was still in high school. Her actions were shameful and inexcusable. The Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were the worst tragedies that any family could possibly face. After these shootings, the Sandy Hook parents and the Parkland survivors were harassed and threatened by followers of Qanon and Alex Jones.

If you voted for Marjorie, you should try to imagine that you lost a child and were then demonized, threatened and harassed while you were still grieving.

She should never hold office again.

Mike Rousseau


Editor’s note: Greene has now disavowed Qanon.

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