First and foremost I want to thank all of our health care workers here in Floyd County and elsewhere for risking their lives every day while trying to save others who have coronavirus.

I also thank all essential workers for working during this time in order for us to get the things we need. A thank you to all the other people who follow CDC guidelines to keep us safe. I do not take any of you for granted and my prayers are with you daily.

However, I’m writing this with a heavy heart, disappointment, and increasing frustration toward some of the citizens here in my beloved community who refuse to follow any guidelines during this pandemic. I had high hopes we would do better than this to help flatten the curve.

I’m pleading with all Floyd County citizens who refuse to wear a mask to rethink it. It’s not a political statement and in my eyes it’s a very selfless act. When I have to run errands and go in and out of stores, I put on my mask before leaving my car. Then I get back into my car, take it off and wash my hands. Easy enough.

Before driving away I have to collect myself because I’m filled with so much frustration toward the maskless people that have just brushed up against me, coughed behind me and refused to social distance. Once that feeling passes, I can breathe a little better knowing that I’ve done my part to not pass this virus on to others.

Yes, masks can be annoying and hot. However, I would rather be annoyed than to know I directly gave my family, loved ones and strangers this virus, which could lead to their death, due to being irresponsible. When I see someone without a mask, my heart begins to flutter and anger creeps in. I want to go up to them and beg them for the sake of others to please put on your mask. I wrestle with these thoughts and I wonder do these people not care? Of course they do. How can they not?

It only takes 30 seconds to do your part. Is that too hard? This one little thing could save so many lives and it is such a selfless act.

With cases rising here and hospitalizations at peak, it’s going to get worse! Remember the holidays and cold weather have just arrived so I’m begging, pleading and challenging all Floyd County residents to PLEASE PLEASE don’t be selfish. For the sake of others, wear your mask.

Danna Bolton


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