George Will, in his Sunday, July 26, column sought to reassure us that our current spate of 2020 crises is no harder to endure than the trials of 1942.

George ended his column, however, with a jab at my beloved alma mater, which was wrestling in 1942 with the same problem under debate at UGA today:

“When a foolhardy regent suggested cancelling the University of Georgia’s football season, Gov. Eugene Talmadge said that before doing that, they would try ‘putting our debutantes to hoeing potatoes.’ The Bulldogs won the national championship.”

Gov. Talmadge quite rightly intuited that in troubled times we need God, each other, and football, the heavenly manna for beleaguered souls. It’s Old Glory at dawn over Fort McHenry. It is balm, diversion, and reassurance that we will survive.

We’re still debating in Georgia whether football will prevail over the virus. Mr. Will, in his sneering reference to the Bulldogs, just gave us a push forward.

Carol Megathlin


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