In response to the Oct. 8 article about racial harassment at Coosa High School (“FCS: No protest allowed at Coosa”), I have some thoughts.

I am a graduate-level social work student, and I spent my undergraduate years living in this town and volunteering in the local high schools — so I know the population well. I completely agree that action needs to be taken and that the school system has not been doing a sufficient job of keeping the children in this school safe.

The article lists several incidents in which harassment cases and blatant acts of racism were left completely unresolved.

I am so thankful that the local NAACP president is leading this charge to ensure that action is being taken, but I am afraid that this issue won’t get any traction without a larger portion of the population taking this issue seriously.

I think that the first step to resolving this issue is to get the community invested by spreading the word about these issues, throughout not only the high schools but also the college and adult communities.

Another way to ensure that more diversity is properly represented and protected at this school is to charge local parents of color to get more seriously involved in the PTA and other parent organizations at the school. I recognize that there may be more barriers for parents of color to have the availability to join, but that is a potential hurdle for the local NAACP to begin to tackle.

Samantha Council



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