The death of George Floyd is nothing new. When it comes to Black men there have been quite a few. They are just too many to recall or name. Just know the faces are the same.

Now I’m not saying all cops are bad. But those that abuse their power — it’s a travesty and so very sad.

They take an oath to serve and protect. Not to kneel on a person’s neck.

Here it is 2020 but there is something I just don’t know. Why are we going back to the days of Jim Crow? There are too many young Black men losing their life. Leaving behind children, family or wife.

I thought these days have come and gone. But they just seem to dwell on. Hopefully one day this will all come to an end. And when it comes to young Black men we can see a new trend.

To protest is OK as long as it exemplifies peace. This violence and destroying property should cease. Let’s honor their lives in a peaceful way. Nonviolent action, as MLK would say.

So policemen remember to honor that shield. When it comes to losing your composure — sometimes it’s best to yield. Everyone should talk and work together. Let’s redirect and let’s make things better.

Wallace A. Farmer


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