One of the greatest privileges in life is having the freedom-of-expression-choice to feel as our minds set. It is also our greatest indicator enabling us to chime in on or discern the pain of another; even a close friend or family member.

But a new error and landscape has evolved — the social communication platform. Emojis are now the new-age expression. The variances and topical stamps attached to communication through texts, emails and social media has cornered the market as the fashionable fad of feelings.

Technology has inadvertently pushed aside those organic poised character credos of expression that once was a societal bloom and ambiance. Contemporary platforms invite expressions of hurt or happiness with a convenient “click” of facial expression; inhibiting, the real gist of emotion!

The interpretation of pictures are subjective and can vary from person to person. True emotions must be expressed through visual or verbal communication, which is where sincerity and the real depth of how a person feels becomes evident.

Let’s not let emojis be yet another modeled social inhibitor that cripples a healthy right and privilege to elicit true expression.

Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

Seneca Falls, NY

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